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The team

A strong team manages the Fathers Friendly Initiative within the Families(FFIF).

The Executive Committee

Composed of Francine deMontigny, Director, and Christine Gervais, FFIF Coordinator, the Executive Committee leads the activities of the Mobilization and Implementation Committee, chairs the Steering Committee meetings and approves decisions not requiring Steering Committee approval.  

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee guides the project with respect to major budget decisions, deliverables, and evaluation, dissemination, application and knowledge transfer. Its members are the Director, the Coordinator, the heads of the Evaluation Committee (EVAL) and the Knowledge Application and Communications Committee (ACC), the Director of the Regroupement pour la valorisation de la paternité (RVP), as well as researchers, a representative of Avenir d’enfants, a health care and social services representative and a father. Each of the members has a stake in developing institutional health and social innovations to improve the well-being of the children and adults with which they work.

The Mobilization and Implementation Committee

Composed of the Director, the Coordinator, the heads of the ACC and the EVAL, and the Director of the RVP, the Mobilization and Implementation Committee manages mobilization activities, the knowledge and practice communities, and the implementation of the program, including the work of the various committees, and the establishment of fatherhood committees.

The Knowledge Application and Communications Committee (ACC)

The ACC includes the Director, the Coordinator, and the manager of the ACC, and manages activities related to communications and the production of dissemination, application and knowledge transfer instruments, including tools for promoting the FFIF.

The Evaluation Committee (EVAL)

Members of the EVAL include the Director, the Coordinator, the manager of the EVAL, two researchers, two liaison officers, research assistants and a representative of Avenir d’enfants. The EVAL manages project evaluation activities and disseminates the findings.

Fatherhood committees

Initiated and led by liaison officers, the regional fatherhood committees organize and set up activities supporting paternal involvement in accordance with the needs and special features of the regions. The committees develop cooperation across sectors and across regions with respect to paternal involvement so as to raise the visibility of fathers within communities. 

The Fatherhood Interest Group (GIP)

The group is composed of representatives of every area and their partners in the sectors, members of the FFIF Steering Committee, and representatives of other areas concerned by the importance of supporting paternal involvement. Under the responsibility of the Director and the Coordinator, the group meets once or twice a year to discuss stakes and mobilization with respect to fatherhood, the implementation of the project and dissemination, application and knowledge transfer activities.