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The Fathers Friendly Initiative within the Families (FFIF) is a research project done in partnership. It integrates both the appreciative inquiry and ethnography of institutions approaches in order to gain an understanding of the relationships between policies and local practices implemented by individuals.

Evaluation of the FFIF is structured into three themes. Different means will be used with each theme to achieve the evaluation goals.

Evaluation of the implementation context
  • Mapping of the institutions and organizations in each region

  • Sociodemographic characteristics of families in the area

  • Participant-observer study and field notes during mobilization activities

Evaluation of the implementation process
  • Questionnaire on activity consistency

  • Analysis of the Steering Committee minutes

  • Analysis of documents (for example, liaison officer activity reports)

  • Analysis of the content of managers' reflexive workshops

  • Group interviews of health and social workers

  • Participant evaluation of activities

Evaluation of the effects, results and consequences
  • Analysis of documents (reports on mobilization activities by the knowledge and practice communities head, the Director, the Coordinator and the liaison officers)

  • Questionnaires targeting front-line workers

  • Analysis of the content of front-line workers' reflexive workshops

  • Analysis of the content of physicians' reflexive workshops

  • Fathers' focus group

  • Evaluation of the service environment

  • Questionnaires for fathers before and after implementation